Cynthia Sipes, RN, CLNC – President

Dee Burris, RN, BSN, JD – Vice President, Co-Founder, Board

Dee Burris has worked with the elderly population as a nursing assistant, registered nurse and elder-law attorney over a span of 43 years. Ms. Burris received her BSN from the University of Kansas and her JD from the University of Washington. Ms. Burris has been an Adult Family Home Provider since 1995 and was featured in the Seattle Times article featuring an Adult Family Home that works. Ms. Burris spends many hours a month offering guidance to other adult family home providers.

Maria Jumanca, RN – Co-Treasurer, Co-Founder, Board

Maria Jumanca, RN, received her nursing degree in Romania and has over 26 years of experience in healthcare services. She worked as a pediatric nurse in Romania for 10 years and as registered nurse on the cardiac floor at Overlake hospital in Bellevue for 5 years. Maria now runs Canyon Park Adult Living Centers Inc. where she and her husband have been providing quality care for the elderly since 1999. Additionally, Maria was a member of the advisory committee for DSHS in Olympia for 4 years. She dedicates herself to educating the public about the Adult Family Home industry.

Nellie Zagrean, RN, BSN – Co-Treasurer, Board

In 1995, Nellie became an adult family home provider and opened Cascade Home Care, Inc.  Believing she would have more to offer her clients as a registered nurse, she first pursued a registered nursing degree, and then obtained a BSN degree from the University of Washington.  Throughout her career as an adult family home provider, Nellie has volunteered her time in various organizations that support and advocate for the adult family home industry.  She is dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly by providing high quality care in the adult family home setting and strives to heighten community awareness of the AFH as the best option for long-term care.

Carmen Moise, RN, BSN -- Secretary, Board

Carmen Moise completed her ADN at Lake Washington Technical College in 2010 and her BSN at Olympic College in 2012. In 2005, Carmen and her husband opened and continue to operate Bothell Way Lodge AFH. In addition, Carmen taught continuing education for caregivers for a few years.

Carmen is passionate about caring for people as she lost both parents in her childhood. Carmen’s mother may have survived her illness if she had a proper caregiver to help her. Her father’s three-week-long coma showed her how much vulnerable people need good care and kindness. Carmen brings these experiences forward in her work as an AFH provider over these last 14 years. Her calling is to bring comfort and support to those in need. 

Carmen strives to continue to expand her knowledge of gerontology and dementia care in an environment of collaboration and team work.

Beibei Chen, RN, MSN -- Board

Beibei is a passionate advocate for the adult family home model of care, believing the highest quality senior care is often found in a home environment with consistent caregivers. She dedicates herself to educating the public about adult family homes, and especially calls out to her fellow millennials to rise up and join her effort in improving senior care in the community. Beibei currently works as an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner in a long-term care setting. She received her BA in psychology from the University of Washington, her RN and MSN degrees from Seattle University.

Jennifer Gastineau, RN, MSN, ARNP – Co-Founder, Board

Jennifer Gastineau earned her BSN from the University of Washington, and her MSN from Case WesternReserve University in Cleveland, she is licensed as an RN and ARNP with specialty training in women’s health and midwifery.  She has worked as a NursePractitioner at Group Health for 14 years.

Recognizing that a gap existed in the availability of quality long term care options, Jennifer and her husband designed and built their first and second adult family homes in 2010- 2011.  Operating under the vigorous belief that the highest quality care is delivered by consistent caregivers in a nurturing home environment, Jennifer now devotes her time to advocating for and improving the quality and image of the adult family home model of care.  She promotes and protects the idea that residents and their families deserve compassionate, individualized care during this special but vulnerable time of their lives and works to create a network of support for other adult family home providers.


Michelle Lupse, RN – Co-Founder, Board

Sandra Pearson, RN – Co-Founder, Board

Sandra Pearson has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years.  Her experience started as a Burn Nurse for Harborview, transitioned to a Home Health and Hospice Nurse for 10 years and enjoyed her experience working in the Adult Family Home Community.  For the past 5 years she has owned and operated her own RN consulting business-Gracecare- providing delegation, assessments and teaching classes for Adult Family Homes, Supported Living Agencies and caregivers for Developmentally Disabled Clients.

Joanne Wells, RN, BSN, MBA – Co-Founder

Joanne Wells has over 30 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. She has Bachelor degrees in Nursing, Psychology, and Education and a Master’s degree in Business, as well as advanced study in Forensic Nursing. Her career includes many years in Public Health in various programs and leadership positions. She served 10 years as a state DSHS Licensor and Regulator for Adult Family Homes. She left DSHS in 2009 and within a year, started Positive Outlook Consulting, LLC offering consultation and training services to Adult Family Homes and other community Providers. Combining both her education and all of her collective nursing experience she assists AFH Providers satisfy both state requirements and their own commitment to quality. She regularly networks with other experienced and credentialed professionals who offer quality services to those looking for housing and care options.

Amen Berhanu, RN – Co-Founder

Debra Everson, RN, BSN, MN – Co-Founder

Debra Everson received her Baccalaureate and Master degrees at the University of Washington School of Nursing. Her graduate degree is in Community Health Nursing. As a registered nurse since 1987, she has a broad range of nursing experience including community health, home healthcare with a focus on the Geriatric population, flight nursing, teaching, research, inpatient care and emergency nursing. Debra started her own business in 2004. She owns and operates Sound Transitions, LLC where she specializes in geriatric nursing and consults with families who have loved ones needing 24/7 care.

Dotti Snow, RN – Co-Founder

Dotti Snow is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing and has been practicing nursing for over forty years.  Her experience includes hospital and Community based nursing as well as management.  Twelve years ago she became involved with the Adult Family Home Industry when her mother-in-law needed Long Term Care Placement.  The placement into an Adult Family Home was very successful and at that time she began doing assessments which led to her becoming a placement professional and the creation of her business, Aging Safely Inc..

Dotti believes that the Adult Family Home Industry is essential for our vulnerable adults needing Long Term Care.  She believes that good AFHs deliver by far the most competent and nurturing care.  As baby boomers are aging and developing health issues, this industry is rapidly becoming the backbone of Long Term Care.

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