Adult Family Home Nurses' Association's ‪Goals and Objectives

Create a team attitude among nurses and others working with Adult Family Homes

  • Offer continuing education, seminars, and classes
  • Facilitate discussion groups
  • Establish a framework for mentoring

 Foster the professionalism of the AFH Community

  • Establish clear standards of care
  • Create practice guidelines and protocols
  • Develop standardized forms
  • Develop a professional packet for new Providers to assist in meeting compliance
  • Employ marketing and media strategies to enhance the Professional image of the AFH

Educate the Medical community and public about Adult Family Homes

  • Create a speakers bureau
  • Outreach to other professionals in the community
  • Introduce Healthcare students to learning about AFHs

Maintain awareness and participate in the political arena 

  • Establish an AFHNA Legislative Committee
  • Be available as a professional resource to state government
  • Advocate the AFH model
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